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Employers will instantly get to see whether you are professional in your appearance, which is definitely important for customer or public facing jobs.
This is important as an employer can see your last few positions and what type of jobs you have done in seconds.
Employers want to know what you do at a glance - by putting your profession and a description of your profile as the first thing on your CV employers will know within seconds whether they want to look further at your details.
  • “I really like that I don't have to worry about the layout of my cv.”


    I have full focus on the content and it automatically gets setup nice for me. The form and tips helps me what I need to have in my cv and how to do it. It is a very dull and difficult task that suddenly gets easy and doable and with a really nice end result. I really like it and actually I find it pretty fun to get going at.

    Hanne Dybro Whitt
    IT System Manager
  • “The UI is quite friendly.”


    It looks pretty good, the CV looks great in PDF format its readable and its pretty cool when you can sign on with LinkedIn.

    Alejandro Mejia Escobar
    .NET Developer
  • “I've found a job using it, so it's good!”


    It's very easy to use and tries to keep everything simple.

    Petru Faurescu
    Software Engineer
  • “I have got positive feedback from companies and I warmly recommend NemCV.”


    As a freelancer in I often send my cv to different companies and I am very impressed with NemCV. It is easy to use and the design is beautiful and professionally looking. It is incredible that you kan log in with LinkedIn and in seconds all your data is implementer in the cv. If I am in doubt about the content the tips are really useful.

    Lone Tvedegaard McGuire
    Dietitian and Teacher
  • “NemCV is easy to use..”


    NemCV is easy to use and gives you the possibility to present yourself in a structured way. I really like the complete aesthetic layout that gives you a professional impression.

    Laura Jotautaite
    Intercultural Communication Consultant

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